Acid Cat is a ceramicist based in Brooklyn, NY with a focus on hand building and wheel thrown art objects for daily use.  We love AC’s work for its use of colorful compositions, hand painted graphical elements and simple functional shapes. Its the kind of work that makes you want to throw out all your cheap plastic kitchen utensils and replace them with special pieces like AC’s. Pieces that you can pick up and feel how much care and attentiveness went into making the piece. Here’s a little more about Acid Cat from Acid Cat:

"My astrological chart is full of fire and water signs.  I have some air, but basically no earth.  I have to make a conscious effort to find earth-focused influences in my everyday experience to feel stable. That’s why clay is an incredibly grounding force in my life, although it can be uncomfortable and incompatible with my senses at times with it’s weight and the dust it makes.  It’s heaviness keeps me anchored to the planet while I carry it around.  I feel like I’m constantly transporting bags of wet clay up stairs, cradling boxes of greenware gingerly down steps and sidewalks, and packing the pieces carefully in blankets and bubble wrap to be brought across town and up more stairs again.  It’s endless.  It consumes my life and helps me to keep up with the present, responsible and devoted parts of my mind and heart.

Making ceramics requires an attentive practice of moderating it's conditions.  Pinching and rolling when the clay is wet, carving and attaching at leather hard, sanding at bone dry... it all keeps me in a state of mental focus and cyclical meditation.  Things can break at any point in the process, and you have to surrender to knowing that. 

Making art objects fit for daily use is a special privilege.  So many art practices that exist today have a precious exclusivity that prevents them from crossing the barrier between “touchable” and “hands-off, to be looked at only”. Creating objects for use ritualizes mundane experiences that the objects were made for, such as eating.  When objects we use for processes of survival are made with individualized artistic intent, it infuses the activity with a spirit of going beyond survival, to a state of thriving.  And that’s one big way we can celebrate being alive.” 



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