We are pleased to feature Angel Oloshove. Angel started her studio in 2013, but like most of us, it was a rather unique journey finding her interest in clay. Here is a little about Angel and how she got started in ceramics in her own words.
"In 2006, I moved to Tokyo after making my way through the rigorous painting program at the California College of Arts and Crafts. I found myself in a new country, new culture, new language all of which was foreign to my rural Michigan upbringing. Walking through the city I was lost in abstraction searching through the symbols for clues and meaning. The temple rituals had a language of their own. Thousand year old Buddha effigies in forests, the details worn away by years of life, of being adored, are revered and imbued with energetic prayers of the faithful. I found myself disoriented, but I was able to open up to what was being communicated to me. I felt like a girl again lying in tall fields of wheat at sunset where all visual perspective was lost. Pulling apart stray leaves as I listened and observed. Nature has a language, the city had a language. The energy was there if I could take pause and receive it. Here I found my home in abstraction. I understood the importance of objects, creating sentient entities to reckon with in our physical reality. Clay came to me as a way to connect the ephemeral with the physical world. The work had to take up space in reality in 3 dimensions. I work only in clay. I’m attracted to the alchemy of the medium. I’m interested in using glazes, luster in new ways. I like to limit my palette of materials to things within the ceramic practice. I explore color in glaze, luster and experiment with multiple techniques for building my work. My goal is to bring ethereal things into reality through my sculpture and functional pottery. These two lines run parallel but come from the same practice. My functional work is a bridge to allow my work to be affordable and accessible to all people. There’s power in objects to enhance a person’s life. With craft based mediums the presence of the hand and the maker can bring beauty and joy to a person’s life. Id like to be a part of that joy."

A few interesting things about Angel:

  • I was a toy designer in Tokyo for 6 years and traveled to design and toy conventions throughout Asia during that time. 

  • I grew up on a farm in Michigan and always had my own business of selling vegetables and flowers in our road side produce stand. 

  • My favorite animals are Pugs and I have a 9 year old rescue named Dougie Fresh.


    For a period of time my Mom was a baker. She taught me how to use an airbrush at the Kroger baker in my hometown. The first thing I airbrushed was a cake I made to compete in the Michigan state fair when I was 11 which won me a blue ribbon for the young bakers division.


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