BX Ceramics is the work of Becki Chernoff. She currently works out of the Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena, CA and lives in Los Angeles. Becki started throwing back in 1994 when her high school art teacher gave private lessons to a few students. It turned out to be her favorite thing to do and she's been doing it ever since. Making unique vase forms has always been her modus operandi but lately her interests are beginning to expand into other areas. "Lately I've been having a lot of fun with my new found knowledge of surface design.” By using tape resist, she creates simplistic gestures on high fired vessels and the end result, in our opinion, is just perfect. “I love that after 23 years of throwing, I'm still learning so many new processes from the ceramicists around me. Things will come full circle in the next few months, as Becki will be spreading her 23 years of experience to teach her first beginner wheel throwing class. Some other interesting things about Becki, She's a car hunter for vintage Mercedes-Benz, a hand model, and a former Software Engineer. 


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