Carly Gibran is interested in making work that evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort for the user. Her process mainly consists of wheel thrown pieces that are later hand carved as well as, hand built vessels from press-molded patterns. She likes to leave evidence of the making process to remind the user of the object's history. "My hand crafted textures are meant to be reminiscent of fabric and familiar domestic patterns. Porcelain requires special care and handling as the form can be lost at any point. The making process, thinness of the clay, firing and temperamental qualities of porcelain mean that the work is never 'perfect'. The irregularities are the result of firing, how I handled the clay, or even the humidity. I love the limitations of the material and process because they force me to be completely invested and aware as I work.” Using linoleum, she carves patterns, press molds a slab of porcelain, then, in the same way you would work with fabric, she cuts her shapes out and assembles. "I hope that my pots become objects that people love to use and integrate into their daily life, holidays, and rituals. Using pottery that is hand crafted has the amazing capability of changing the commonplace and eliciting a celebration of the everyday. I strive to create work that presents itself as quiet and comfortable. Work which might enhance life with moments of beauty.” Carly, we have immense respect for you and your amazing ability to work with such a difficult clay


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