Ceramicism is the work of Dustin Barzell. Dustin makes limited-edition sets of pottery at his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is constantly improvising with new materials and processes, and hardly ever makes the same style twice. 
When we first discovered Dustin’s work we were enamored. So many beautiful pots and hand built vessels covered in gorgeous motifs. All done by someone who clearly displays a passion and creative tenacity for what they do. All that said, our jaws hit the floor when we found out Dustin is a full time tax attorney in NYC. "A lot of the freedom in my work comes as a direct counterbalance to my day job.” Dustin, we have mad respect for you and your ability to transverse two completely different worlds. We are super stoked to be featuring your awesome work this week. For more information on Dustin's work, please contact us using the form below.


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