JANET WILLIAMS aka @circaforma is a ceramicist based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Focusing mostly on wheel-thrown and hand built ceramics, we love her work for it's simplistic forms, graphical elements, and occasional playful pieces like coffee mugs with oversized squiggly handles geometric art objects that give your place the special feels. Heres a little more about Janet and how she formed here studio: “I’ve been working in ceramics on and off for over a decade. In high school, I began as a hand builder, always gravitating toward clean lines. A couple of years ago while living in Boston I took a throwing course at Mudflat Studio and fell in love with the process. I also had the opportunity to work as the Ceramics Tech with MIT’s Arts, Culture and Technology program and kept practicing while helping run the studio. Since being back in St. Petersburg, I split my time between working as an antiques and fine art auction cataloger and making pieces at Brick Street Clay Studio under the name circa / FORMA. My work celebrates the simplicity of shape and form. In a way, I hope these pieces can also serve as a little reminder to appreciate that sentiment in everyday life, despite the madness around us. Lately, I’m inspired by color field/hard edge painters, and I think Carmen Herrera said it best: “In this chaos that we live in, I like to put some order.” 



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