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Commune Pottery is the work of Granville, Ohio based Danielle Bitner. She has been doing Ceramics for about three years and mostly focuses on wheel-thrown stoneware vessels. We love Danielle’s work for its meticulous attention to detail, excellent craft, color combinations and a clear willingness to explore many different techniques and styles. Though her pieces may look quite different from one another they all seem to puzzle together as if to form one beautiful mosaic of well crafted and functional wares. Danielle’s passion for ceramics is evident and she, like many others we have featured on this platform, turned to ceramics as a means to balance out her life and pursue her art via the humble values that seem to be instilled in all potters. Here’s a little more from the artist herself.


"Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA in the 70’s and 80’s it was my destiny to make pottery!! The stars finally aligned in 2015. After taking a night class at a local community arts center (in Columbus, OH), I have been all-consumed with ceramics and quickly dove head-first into building a home studio. I primarily make functional and decorative pieces consisting mainly of small batches of planters, mugs and vases. I love experimenting with new techniques and strive to improve my craft with each new piece I make. I think of each collection as a little family all living happily under my clay commune roof.  Color block combinations, patterns and geometric shapes are my inspiration and find their way into everything I make. I believe in the democracy of ceramics and love that I can make affordable and beautiful handcrafted work meant for everyday life. It makes me feel connected to my community of ceramic lovers, friends and family.  I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and after finishing my degree felt disillusioned by the exclusivity of the art world. I wanted to do something that connected with people without making them feel intimidated or bewildered. The first outgrowth of that was making music and I played in bands and solo during the early 2000’s in Chicago. Now, years later, I have a business with my husband working in film, TV and commercial advertising -- basically sitting at a desk behind a computer. Pottery is the perfect antidote - dirty, physical and intuitive.  When I'm not running my other business, The Betterment Society,  or hanging out with my 7 and 4 year old girls, I am behind the wheel.”


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