Earth Sign Ceramics is the work of Sarah Anne Bargatze Richardson. Founded in February of 2015 and based in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California, Sarah’s work seeks to merge modern forms with primitive style. "Humans have been making pottery and ceramic figurines for over ten thousand years and there is something so beautiful about that history that I see in every piece of pottery no matter how modern. I choose to incorporate my own iconographic language and primitive style as an homage to all of those potters before me.” Sarah is also a food stylist and often finds that being a ceramicist comes in handy because she gets to use her own pieces as props :) Sarah still considers herself new to ceramics, citing that the birth of her son Ezra inspired her to take up the craft two years ago. We are so happy to be featuring Sarah's gorgeous handmade stoneware pieces all this week. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch using the link in the bio!


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