Evan Hagan is a Brooklyn Based Ceramicist specializing in slipcast, wheel thrown and hand built ceramic vessels. Like a lot of ceramicist we feature on here, Evan is also an illustrator. It is very interesting to see interplay between his ceramic work which focuses on smooth textures and simple billowing shapes and his illustrations which are highly detailed often gritty works art that are reminiscent of 80’s and 90s culture.

"While in high-school, I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an Apprentice at the Art Guild in my home town of Peoria, Illinois. As an apprentice I was given the opportunity to study a number of artistic disciplines: oil painting, photography, metal working, printmaking, and ceramics. I fell in love with ceramics the first time I sat down at the wheel. Its almost 16 years later and i'm still throwing, still exploring. My ceramic work is focused on the tension between utility and embellishment. Pushing the form of an object as far as it can while still maintaining its intended function. Exploring, and drawing attention to the boundaries of surface and form through the ceramic medium."


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