From Tree to Sea is the work of Lauren Strybos. Lauren first tried using a potter’s wheel while attending a small local yoga festival. After learning the ways of the clay, she founded her studio in 2015 in Thornhill, Ontario. Clay aside, She also works full time as a Wildlife Biologist, focusing on the recovery of endangered and threatened species in Canada. "Having a background in environmental conservation, I often reflect on natural landscapes and their various patterns, textures and colours while creating. I like to mix-up my style every so often, lately focusing on both simple forms in neutral hues as well as vibrant geometric designs.” Lauren’s motivation for her pieces is pure and authentic, "My aim is to create pieces that are loved and cherished and used by their owners for many years to come - morning contemplations over a handmade mug of coffee, hand-carved dessert plates balancing homemade goods enjoyed between friends; there’s joy in making vessels that become a part of someone’s everyday.” We are very happy to be sharing From Tree to Sea’s work all this week. Enjoy!


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