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Good Grief Ceramics is the work of Newcastle, Australia based Jen Lanz. Jen has been doing ceramics for 5 years and primarily focuses on Wheel-thrown stoneware planters.  Like so many of us, Jen turned to ceramics just to dabble and soon found herself fully dedicated and making it a full time profession. We love Jen’s work for it’s beautiful textures, simplistic forms and all the little happy, sad and apathetic faces on the bottom of her pots. Her pieces are the type of ceramic work that you go buy because you just got a plant that makes you really happy and you feel like it deserves more than that lame little terra cotta pot from home depot. Here is a little more about Jen in her own words:


"When my son transitioned from preschool into school nearly 5 years ago I started to make time for lost hobbies again and I quickly grew obsessed with ceramics. Being a mother, for me, means I value privacy so instead of using my name for my ceramics I started a brand that I can hide behind which I called Good Grief. My brand name is straight out of my hometown comic strip ‘peanuts’ by Charles Schulz. Schulz was my first artistic hero and his work was introduced to me as a kid by sharing a giggle over the weekend funnies with another hero of mine, my grandpa. Good Grief started as a part time gig in my home that I slowly converted into a scrappy home studio and as the years passed i picked up more wholesalers for my range of planter pots and my working conditions grew ever more chaotic and cramped. I was focused on making what started as an obsession into my own small business and after years of saving money I found the perfect home for Good Grief and moved into a private off-site studio just last year. I get great satisfaction out of making practical objects and using my skills with clay to rid the world of ugly plastic planters. Good Grief planters contain secret anthropomorphic faces that serve to drain water away from the plants and I hope my semiotic facey messaging connects the object to the audience and theirby to me a human who has relevant and necessary good and bad feelings, and that you too have the same feelings and just maybe, between the two of us we can share in growing a sensitive healthy world one potted house plant at a time. I’ve chosen this crawling glaze because I love the way it feels and it excites me seeing my glaze engage others imagination and identify similarities of my surfaces to a whole gamut of farmilar non glaze textures. This glaze was extremely challenging to make my own version of but it’s a testimony to my attitude towards modern craft and my desire to add something unique to the ever evolving ceramics conversation."


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