Ida Thistle is a Berkeley, California based ceramicist specializing in hand built and wheel thrown ceramics. We love Ida’s work for its delicacy, attention to detail, and her willingness to embrace imperfection. Here is Ida’s story: "I have been working with my hands for as long as I can remember, but I took my first ceramics class in 2011, while living in Portland, Maine. That happened to be a very difficult season for me and not to be too dramatic, but it was the simple tactile experience of having my hands in clay that pulled me through those cold, dark months. Since then, clay has continued to be my rock (pun intended). This includes the year and a half long period from November 2013 until April 2015 that I could not work at all, due to torn ligament in my dominant wrist. Luckily, surgery was successful and I was able to return to my practice, with a love for clay that was only deepened by my time on the sidelines. One of the guiding forces behind my work is the desire to highlight the beauty of imperfection and the often-overlooked magic in the everyday. I want my work to be a reflection of us, the environments we live in, and the connections and relationships we create. None of these things are perfectly balanced, symmetrical or completely smooth and neither are my creations. In a lot of ways, I try to just let the process speak for itself without getting in the way too much. If the glaze runs – great! If a piece of the rim breaks off while its leather hard – awesome! As long as the integrity of the final product is not compromised, I like to work it into the design or even just let it be on its own. Some of my other inspirations at the moment include the endless small wonders found in the vast beauty of the California coast, ideas of home, and various types of geography, queerness, and connection.”  



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