@joyrideceramics was formed in early 2015 by wife + husband duo, Sarah and Kristian Garrard. Focusing mostly on hand built and wheel-thrown wares, we love their work for its simple functional nature and its emphasis on enriching the home life. From match stick holders to planters to Bird Feeders they have all of the domestic bases covered. Here is a little more about Joyride in their own words: "After buying a house in 2014, we really started to think more about interior design and what we wanted to fill our space with. In looking for items that reflected who we were and that brought us joy, we couldn't find ceramic wares that really fit. We decided, instead, to take pottery lessons with a local artist, Dirk Dahl. After 6 months or so with Dirk, we were hooked, and converted our garage into a fully functional studio. 
The function of our pieces are typically born out of our own necessities and desires – things we want but can't find. As far as our style goes, we're very inspired by nature and stick to a palette that would blend well into any home; mostly neutrals. We try to show the character of the clay in our work, often leaving significant portions of our pieces unglazed and rough to the touch.

We focus on both wheel throwing and hand building, working on one piece at a time. After agreeing to a few wholesale accounts this past year, we quickly realized that our true love for the art is in the time and process that goes into each individual piece we make. We've since taken a step back from production-focused work and are following our hearts – we'll see where that takes us!”
We are very excited to be featuring Sarah and Kristian's beautiful ceramics this week.



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