Julia Ballenger @julia_ballenger is a San Francisco based ceramicist specializing in wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramic objects. She first started doing ceramics when she was 14. At the time, she was suffering from migraines that would effect her sight for sometimes weeks at a time. "I learned to throw because it was something therapeutic I could do with my eyes closed.” Today, Julia teaches classes at Clay by the Bay and shares a space at Red Brick with our most recent featured friend @munbeibi. we love Julia's work for its simple yet powerful messages about self-confidence and femininity. Here’s how Julia describes getting started making her beautiful ceramic works. "My work really started with my own journey to loving my own body. We are so infiltrated with imagery that tells us to do otherwise; that we are not good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough, that I saw imagery that countered that norm as a sort of rebellion and I loved it. As someone who is putting out images of women in the world, I feel like it is my responsibility to create images of women existing happily in their bodies as a sort of rebellion to the destructive ways that women are portrayed. I think a woman being comfortable and confident existing in her own body no matter their shape or size or color is one of the most powerful forms of rebellion we can have. I think this is also shown in the mundane acts of self care, for example a woman bathing, shaving or sleeping, because it is a fleeting moment of unconscious acceptance and love for ourselves. And I think that those moments deserve to be viewed.” 



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