Kaley officially started her studio in 2016. She is based in Toronto, Canada and those familiar with her work know she has an intense creativity energy and attention to the smallest of details. "Most of my pieces are expressions of things I think about or experience day to day (online + off), which often end up being really relatable or nostalgic to others. I believe in and strive to make well-crafted objects and generally use really embellished + colourful surfaces on my forms." Everything Kaley makes is handmade and usually out of porcelain and like a true creative she finds it difficult to stick to the same stuff. "I always want to make new things and experiment so its often hard for me to stick with a single design, everything I make is usually a unique piece!!” Some interesting facts about Kaley: ~vegan chef ~studied textile design ~haven't had a natural hair colour since she was 13 ~loves anime, ru paul's drag race, star trek, terrence mckenna, chocolate + coffee :3. 


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