La Cueva Studio

La Cueva is the work of Covadonga del Campo. A contemporary designer based in Asturias, Spain. Covadonga started her studio in June 2016 and her work has that wonderful minimalist postmodern vibe with fun little pops of patterns and colors. This week we will be featuring two of her collections.
The first is inspired by the theory of Projective Geometry. The way through which the human perceives the world, giving it meaning as a result of geometric forms. The collection starts from the cylinder, the ring and the cone and are combined in the different pieces. The second collection is inspired by architectural works of Xavier Corberó, Libera, Bofill, Hejduk, and Ugo La Pietra. The collection tries to represent pure forms and to convert the architectural elements that guide our daily actions in protagonists.
Some fun facts about Covadonga? "Stairs have become an obsession and something I am looking for constantly in my life. In addition to the incredible aesthetics of stairs, I am attracted to the functionality they play, being a space connector and an indispensable element.”


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