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Maggie Cowles @maggiemargaret_ceramics is a Los Angeles based designer focusing on wheel thrown and hand built ceramic wares. She was first introduced to ceramics when she took summer classes as a kid and later took a full year of it when she was in high school. She occasionally led ceramic workshops while working at various summer camps dabbling here and there, until she finally reacquainted herself with the craft this year and as she says, "Its been non stop ever since". We love Maggie’s work for its use of bold colors and contrasting hand painted styles. Some pieces are sparse and graphical while others are dense and beautifully abstracted. Each piece she makes feels special, cared for and hand made. Here is Maggie’s story in her own words: "Growing up in New York City my mom always worked for a well-known fine china company. Plates, bowls, platters, and discontinued patterns have been a topic of discussion in my house since the day I was born. In 2005 I attended the Rhode Island School of Design to study Textiles- spending most of my time obsessing over print design. While the sculptural aspect of ceramics is a large portion of the fun- my true love lies in the surface design. Professionally I have been a print designer for a handful of brands such as Madewell, Converse, and Lucky Brand. It's easy to say after years of working in a design field, I've managed to refine my own design aesthetics. Now finally my loves for print design and ceramics have met in the middle. Since I did grow up around the world of mass produced china it’s important to me that all of my work reflect my own two hands. I love creating individual pieces where no two are the same. I work both with the wheel and hand building to create whatever sort of object seems to come to mind. I also knew when I launched maggieMARGARET I wanted to take the chance to give back. So 10% of all maggieMARGARET sales go to Planned Parenthood. It’s important to me especially these days, that we help protect women's health and rights anyway we can."  



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