Hannah Louise @munbeibi is a San Francisco based ceramicist specializing in hand built and wheel-thrown ceramic pieces. She spends part of the year in Hokkaido, Japan, learning new practices and sourcing materials, and the rest of the year in San Francisco, California working out of Redbrick Studios. As a child, she was taught to paint by her grandmother. As she grew older, she gained experience in graphic design, illustration and photography. In 2014 Hannah was looking to create three-dimensional versions of little people she had been painting at the time. She ordered 25 pounds of clay and started making tiny sculptures while watching movies and listening to scary stories in her room. "My room was so small I made everything in bed. It was a weird first studio but I love looking back to my little bedroom world!” We love Hannah's work because its simple, cute and seems to be an authentic reflection of who Hannah is as an individual. "I am a fairly shy person, so I try to be more open when it comes to ceramics. The little faces I paint on everything I make are a big part of my inner world (a very shiny, feminine world!) and I have loved sharing them. It's also easy to strive for perfection in ceramics, and I can be pretty hard on myself when I "fail". A big thing I try to remember is that this is a lifelong craft, I'll always be learning.” We are very excited to be sharing a selection of Hannah’s beautiful pieces this week. Give her a follow and enjoy the next 6 posts!



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