We are very excited to be sharing the work of Los Angeles based Ninon Choplin this week. Ninon first started experimenting with clay as many of us did (playing around in grandma's studio). Those rich experiences seem to have informed Ninon’s future because in 2015 Ninon officially started a studio specializing in wheel-thrown and hand built ceramics. We love Neenineen’s work because its just flat out gorgeous. The combinations pastel color with unglazed high-fired clay bodies, the fun geometric shapes, the beautiful photography and the way everything ties together aesthetically. 

"I am a Paris native, genderqueer, designer and ceramicist. I moved to California in 2014 after having studied industrial design at RISD. When I settled in LA, I finally got to take a throwing lesson and fell instantly in love with clay. The work I do under the name neenineen is a way for me to have fun and explore the lost-in-translation feels of my personal journey. I love playing with bright colors, bold shapes, and unpronounceable names - to gently nudge people out of their comfort zone!”



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