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Meet NYC based Sarah Hussaini aka Not Work Related. We love Sarah’s work because of its simplicity, colors, textures, graphical elements and of coarse, being an Architect, her impeccable craft comes as no surprise. Sarah’s vessels are wheel-thrown stoneware and carefully hand painted using a variety of techniques to achieve precise and beautiful graphics. Her vessles are the kind of pieces that quickly become integrated into your daily routine. The kind of pieces you notice every time you fill your mug with coffee or water your cacti because you can feel the care and attention that went into making them. Sarah’s story is one that a lot of us who do ceramics can relate to. Having a slightly unfulfilling job that riddles your creative side with voids only to have this craft we all love heal those voids become a major part of our identity. Here’s a little more about Sarah and how she started her studio.


"Working as an architect in NYC, I became increasingly unsatisfied with the creative process — I missed using my hands and being able to express myself though my work. Before architecture, I used to make ceramics and I slowly gravitated back to it as an outlet. Not Work Related grew from that, and represents everything the corporate office is not. NWR is fun, whimsical, and energetic — a place to channel all my dislike for dress pants and stuffy formalities into making pieces that are graphic and vibrant, but approachable.


I still work part-time as an architect and a lot of my work is influenced by the styles of the past: it's a little Post Modern and a little Art Deco. I adore work from the Memphis Design era and I am constantly looking to the 80's for pattern inspiration. The architect in me absolutely dictates my love of form and abstract geometry. Working at this scale has been refreshing and exciting; nothing has been more gratifying than seeing pieces I have made taken home and integrated into people's daily lives."


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