Mia Schachter is a Ceramicist based in Brooklyn, New York. She officially started her studio @paperclippottery in February of 2016 and is primarily interested in pottery as part of the Craftivism movement. Mia seeks to waste little material, energy and time and share her perspective through her hands. Her ceramic work relates to the enhancement of daily ritual within the home and brings focus to our seemingly mundane performances of the self. Each piece is an offering to another who can use the object to tell the story of their life to themselves and others. Thoughtful objects can elevate our intimate, private lives and bring awareness to the moments we take for granted. In addition to being a potter, Mia is a playwright, theater director and performer. She got her Bachelors in Philosophy from Columbia and merges her interests in art, activism, neuroscience and theater through performance and crafts. She just completed a residency in Japan at Shiro Oni Studio, and plans on doing a residency at SVA in the summer, and another in Peru in Winter 2018. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Lucy. 


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