Rachel Sender is a illustrator and ceramicist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She officially started her studio in 2008, primarily focused on illustration and started doing ceramics in 2014. Take a look at her illustration feed @rachelsenderw and then look at her ceramics on @pottingaround. Her playful style translates effortlessly to her ceramic objects. Its almost as if she can just reach into her drawings and pull all those beautiful works out of her 2d world. Its whimsical with a steady flow of pastels and simplistic geometry, yet complex with pots conveying slightly ambiguous expressions. As she says, “Each of my Potheads is different and needs a bit of therapy but don't we all?” Regardless, her work will warm up even the most austere environments.

Rachel started working with ceramics to avoid that draining feeling you get when you have done nothing but stare and click at a computer all day. "I make my ceramics as an ongoing side project, next to my illustration practice. It sounds cliché but I do it just to get away from the computer and use my hands." Her philosophy is to “Do what you love and believe in (if you can afford to). If you are working on "money makers" always try and have a personal side project that will make you happy and proud.” We totally agree and thank you Rachel for all that you do. 


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