REBU Ceramics is the work of Rebeka Rácz. Based in Budapest, Hungary, Rebeka seeks to bridge her two passions of photography and ceramics as honest compositions of everyday life. "I try to create context for the objects. Something more than minimalistic backgrounds. I imagine them in an everyday surroundings and try to present them in this way. Once you get something handmade you will use it, it will be part of your life and not merely of the sterilized Instagram feed.” We love this honest approach and you can see it in each picture Rebeka creates. They are intimate glimpses at the life a ceramic piece takes on once it has been purchased and used in someone’s everyday life. Every piece she makes is unique and she is guided by a sentimental philosophy. "Everything is good - never throw away anything. Most of the objects I create are experiences. I try to create something new every time and not repeat what I already have done. Even if I wanted, I couldn't do the same thing twice, since I never studied pottery. I'm learning by doing and I get surprised every time the kiln opens.”



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