Quitting your grueling day job to do something you are truly passionate about is probably one of the best feelings that can be felt. Petra Kaiser just did exactly that and we are so excited to be putting her work on a pedestal week. Based in St. Helens, Oregon, Petra started Sandbox Ceramics in May of 2016. We have been following her work for a while now and love her ability to add subtle fun little nuances to her products. “I Keep things simple, yet playful. I try not to overthink my work or take it too seriously.” She’s the type of artist that is always evolving, never complacent and always thinking about the end goal. "As my work evolves I see myself using less and less color and focusing more on the shape of the vessel and hand built shapes I adhere to my pieces. I love seeing how my work fits in to peoples homes, so my goal to make things that fit in a variety of aesthetics.” As for the name, Petra says, "I've always been a very tactile person. Even as a kid I was drawn to working with my hands in some kind of creative way or another. I decided to call it Sandbox Ceramics because, for me, working with clay has a way of clearing my mind. Kind of like being a kid playing in the mud or in a sandbox without a care in the world. Thank you Petra for quitting your day job and making such awesome work!


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