Sarah Pschorn is a ceramic artist based in Leipzig, Germany. She started her studio in 2016. Using a variety of processes including gigantic molds, hand building and throwing; she creates beautiful objects and vessels that pull you in and instill a sense of wonderment. Here’s how Sarah describes her work, "I think of my work as a statement in favor of sweetness and sentimentality. A playful discovery of the space in between joy and melancholia, it aims at getting lost in details and characteristics and thus negotiates the nature of impermanence. As a result, ideas and conclusions about our contemporary era as well as questions regarding the current zeitgeist emerge. My choice of durable materials is deliberate: clay and porcelain embody the conceptual ideas behind my practical work as they enable the artist to experience both the spontaneous sculptural gesture and the conservation of it. The vessel literally contains my idea and thoughts and connects the past with the present. Some of my objects might remind the spectator of female bodies that have been dressed up. The colors highlight – in a favorable or unfavorable way – as well as hide, dissolve or playfully interact with the shape of my works, like items of clothing that establish different and diverse relationships with the body they dress.”


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