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Sarah Wilton is a Bristol, UK based ceramicist specializing in wheel thrown ceramic wares. She has been working with clay for 5 years now and is self taught. We love her work for simplicity and beautiful hand brushed graphic gestures. Her pieces add a sense of whimsy and lightness to a given environment and her color/clay ways are fresh and unexpected.

Here is a little more about Sarah in her own words:

"I did a degree in Fine Art specializing in Sculpture and Print. I was inspired by the painterly quality and patterns of ceramic designer Jessie Tate and sculptural forms of Lucie Rae. I decided that ceramics was the vessel for the patterns I’d been making. I got a pottery wheel as a birthday present and I’ve been obsessed with making different shapes ever since.Each piece is hand thrown and totally unique. My inspiration is eclectic and a continously evolving process that throws together lots of different sources such as Mid Century British Ceramics forms alongside Art Nouveau colours and mediterranean clay bodies."


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