Sister Ceramics is the work of California based Jenny Mulder. Her work is mixture of hand built and wheel thrown pieces mostly made of midfire stoneware.  We love her work for it's color, playful shapes and whimsical vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. All of her pieces are based in function and utility. Whether you’re reading a book next to one of her lights or taking a hit off of one of her tiny bongs, they are all pragmatic pieces with personality. Pieces that are there to help you with those everyday mandatory tasks. Moreover, Jenny is just an all around cool person and one of the few ceramic friends we have actually met IRL via @feliz_austin. 

Here’s a little more from the artist herself: "I learned ceramics as a physical and mental outlet when I was young, and returned to it a few years ago to ground myself when stress was kind of taking over my life. I like things that are practical but don't seem practical. That is funny to me. Like an odd shaped lamp or a miniature bong. I never run out of ideas of what to make; the struggle for me is editing, refining, and managing production."


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